Many say your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. It is my role as the photographer to document the day in detail. I will work with you to tell your story. When I am photographing your special day, I want to be as unobtrusive, respectful, and thorough as possible.

I start by getting to know you and your fiancé. I want to know all of the knitty gritty details! How did you meet? What part of the wedding are you super excited about? Is the planning driving you nuts or can you not get enough?

On your wedding day, I don’t want you to worry about how many hours you have with the photographer. With proper planning, wedding day coverage is between 8 to 10 hours. Generally speaking, this amount of time takes you from getting ready to cutting the cake and the earlier portion of dancing.

I will deliver the best images from the day, generally about 800 of them. They will be adjusted for optimal color and style, and delivered on a USB drive for your personal use.

Want to get the ball rolling? Have questions? Fantastic! Let’s talk about it.

Wedding - Angela & Eric
Wedding - Vanessa & Andrew
Wedding - Robin & Richie
Wedding - Jennifer & Eric
Wedding - Danielle & Erin
Wedding - Adrien & Dave
Wedding - Maris & Hank