I'm having a rehearsal dinner, can you photograph that too?
Yes, I would love to photograph your rehearsal dinner! We can discuss the specifics in regards to coverage time and pricing.
Is the engagement shoot included with my wedding coverage?
No, this is a separate event. You may add coverage for as many separate events as you need to truly cover your full wedding weekend. Each event will be discussed, planned, and priced as an independent event.
Can I hire two photographers to shoot my wedding?
I am happy to provide an additional photographer for a fee. This is often helpful if you and your spouse are getting ready simultaneously. However, you may not hire another photography company for additional coverage of the same event.
You mentioned you would help me plan the wedding day, are you a wedding planner?
No. I am not a wedding planner. That being said, in order for me to do my job, I need to know all of the knitty gritty details. As someone who planned their own wedding, designs wedding albums, and shoots wedding, I can offer lots of helpful hints when getting your timeline together. Once you have a plan, you can take a step back and relax! I've got you!
Do I need a wedding planner?
Yes and No. You absolutely should hire a day-of coordinator to make sure that all of the pieces fall into place. I am not that point person. If you already have a wedding planner, they will likely be covering that role on the big day. Either way you, your spouse, your planner or day-of coordinator and I will all work together to make sure that the timeline is good to go!
I have a special place I want to be photographed in on my wedding day, can we go there?
Yes please! We can work together to make sure there is time to photograph you and your spouse in this spot.
What is a first look?
Some couples see each other before the wedding, some don't. If you plan on seeing each other, it's a good idea to do that in a nice looking location and allot some time to photograph that emotional moment. If you don't wish to see each other, that is totally fine too! We will have some time after the ceremony to photograph just the two of you.
My friend is a great photographer, can they shoot for part of the day?
Yes and No. When you hire me as the photographer, you understand that I am the sole person professionally photographing the event. This means that should any person interfere with that, I will not be held accountable for any complications that result. Amateur photography by your guests using non-professional equipment is fine. In short, if cousin Lily wants to take out her camera, lets talk first and ensure that she does this from her seat, so that I can do my job. Likewise when we are taking posed portraits, cousin Lily can not be over my shoulder shooting. I'm sure she is a great photographer, but she can't interfere.
Can I hire you for partial day coverage?
No. I do not want you worrying about how many hours you have me for. I do not want to tell an incomplete story. I do not want you to regret that you don't have certain parts of the day photographed. This is why I only offer full day coverage, I want to be sure you have no time related stress or regrets!
Why do you need to talk to my videographer?
In order for all of the people capturing your day to do their job well, there must be communication. You don't want the videographer's head to be in all of your wedding pictures! You don't want the photographer to be in your wedding video!
Do I need to prepare the space I get ready in?
Yes, the camera is capturing that too. Getting ready is exciting and chaotic. Be sure to prep the room so that it is a neat as possible before all of the excitement begins! We can talk about this when working together.
Do I need to make a list of family portraits I want?
Yes. I need to know who you want photographed, what combinations you want, and any family dynamics that I should know about. That way I can be sure to get all of the portraits done in a timely manner so your family can get back to the festivities.
I have a complicated family structure, do you need to know about it?
Yes. I don't need to know all of your business, but I do need to know what the structure is. I need to know about any divorces, physical disabilities, alternative pronouns, alternative family structure (your aunt is like a mother to you etc),any mental disabilities, and anything else out of the ordinary. This way I can be respectful and not step on anyone's toes!
Do I need to make a list of everything I want captured?
Yes and No. We will cover what events of the day will be covered. Please let me know about specific shots you want, but only after we have gone over the timeline together.
I have a band/DJ and they are lighting the dance floor! Great, right?
Maybe…. Please be sure to avoid colored lights, confetti lights, smoke machines, or silly props, at least for the first dance. It is better to save this sort of stuff for the second set. This sort of thing is fun for guests but often results in photos that frankly don't come out looking their best because of the environment.
Do I need hair and makeup?
Yes and No. You should have a plan. Test out your hair and makeup before the big day. If you are not a makeup or hair enthusiast, consider hiring someone. If you do hire someone, have them come to the place you are getting ready at so that I can capture their process.
How do I get my photos?
Two weeks after your wedding, you will be sent a link to a sneak peak of the images. Twelve weeks later, I will follow up with a password-protected online gallery where you can view and download your photos, and that can be shared with family and friends so that they can order prints.
Can I post them online?
Yes. On your usb you will see a folder marked “Online/Social Use.” These files are web ready and bear the Heather Noonan watermark. Posting or sharing images without this watermark is a violation of your contract.
Can I publish them?
Yes and No. You may certainly contact me and ask about publishing the images, and I will work with you and the publication. Publishing the images without my consent is in violation of your contract and can result in a fee.
Can I send them to vendors?
Yes. As long as you send the watermarked, web ready files. If you send unwatermarked files you are in violation of your contract.
Is the wedding album included?
No. The wedding album is something that I feel should not be rushed or designed without your input. For that reason, it is it's own product and process. At the end of your wedding, you will have a wonderful spouse, rings, gifts, and your photographs. Let's take our time making a refined finished product you will love.
How do I make a wedding album?
Wedding albums are made as a collaboration between you and I. It is incredibly overwhelming to decide on what images to put into the album, which is why I start that process. I will use what I feel to be the most compelling images, and I will design an album that tells the story of your day. From there we will work together over the course of three revision rounds to tailor the initial design so that it is just what you want.
Why do you only use one company?
Because they are perfect! The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, the materials, and the options far surpass other companies that I have seen. I want to give you the best options.
I saw cheaper albums online, can you design one of those?
No. The images are for your personal use. I am happy to retouch the images for a fee. You are welcome to use those images to make what you want. That being said, if I am to craft an album, I will be using the album company of my choice because of the quality they deliver.
My parents want to make their own album how does that work?
If they want the same album, a copy can be ordered if ordered in conjunction with the original album. If they want their own album tailored to their taste, we will start a separate album product using your album as the initial design.
My house is a mess do we have to take the pictures there?
No. We can take picture anywhere! A favorite park, an ice cream shop, grandma's house, you name it! We will work together to plan the shoot.
Do I need to provide props for the shoot?
No. I prefer to shoot in a natural setting. Unless you generally put your baby in a bucket, we don't need to do that just because the camera is in front of them.
I want to photograph my child in this bucket/on a rocking horse/in a santa suit is that cool?
It's not really my style. We can do a bit of that if you feel strongly, but it will not be the whole shoot and it will happen after the shots that are done without props.
What should my family wear?
Solid colors or neutrals are best. Avoid patterns. We can discuss this further when planning your shoot.
What if my baby spits up?
Its ok! that's what clothing changes, burp cloths, and baby wipes are for!
What if they need to nap?
We will plan the shoot so that it does not take place when your child generally naps. If they need to nap, it's not the end of the world, I promise! They look so sweet when they sleep!
I don't look my best in the photos, can you retouch them?
Yes. Retouching is billed per image. You can see a sample of how images are retouched in your sneak peek. Retouching is not included unless specified when ordering prints. Retouching is included with any album purchase.
What do we do on an engagement shoot?
You hang out with me there. I will take a mix of posed and candid photographs in the places you love.
When should we do an engagement shoot?
Anytime! It can be when you first become engaged, it can be used on your save the date, it can be just before the wedding, or even after! Its up to you.
How much does the engagement/wedding/album/rehearsal/family shoot cost?
It is important to me that you know what you are paying for. Let's discuss the prices of these services and what you can expect.
How much time will it take?
Depending on the type of shoot it could be an hour or 10 hours, it all depends.
Are the pictures mine or yours?
I reserve the rights to the images I create. Our contract permits you to use the images for your personal use.
Will you publish them?
Unless we have negotiated a privacy clause when discussing your contract, I reserve the right to publish the images.